Platforms like Netflix charge a fee, but there’s a lot of completely free services where you can stream lots of TV shows and movies including the latest hits. Read these articles to learn about these free streaming sites.

Platforms to look into

1. Putlocker

Putlocker has been around for ages. There’s a number of mirrors and sometimes it changes the name. So, just google around and locate the current address.

Sites like this are aggregators for links to other domains where the files are actually stored. First, decide which movie you want to watch. Second, find it on Putlocker. Third, go through link by link until you bump into a high-quality recording.

2. 123movies

It’s another big free platform. You don’t have to register either. Sometimes, you’ll see only bad-quality links for a flick. Try finding another service which might host better links.


Here, you can both stream films or download them in HD format, so that you can watch them later on with slow Internet connection.

There are literally hundreds of free streaming platforms for movies and TV series but not all of them are safe. These ones are!