is probably the best site where you can watch Kdramas completely for free. Importantly, the site is all about creating subtitles for all items, which is super important if you don’t speak Korean that well for you to watch movies and TV shows without subs.

Why we love it quickly displays the episodes for the most popular Kdramas, so that you can get your hands on the latest productions and don’t feel like the fifth wheel when your friends start talking about the newest episodes.

In addition to Kdramas, viewers can enjoy production from China and Japan.

Almost all of the titles are in really good quality, and we’ve seen no problems with buffering and pixelation when testing out this site.

At the title’s page, you can read a short bio, read comments from other viewers like you and navigate around the episodes for TV series.

The website has a nifty blog which will help you immerse into the Kdrama scene.

There’s a pretty good set of genres so that you can explore different blends of movies when you don’t have any specific names on your mind.